Today is a wonderful day.  Today has been filled with everything we need from the Father.  Will we choose what he has given us?  Grace baby.  For yourself and for your enemy.  

A note about Fathering:  The church is a place of being Fathered.   Fathered by God and Fathered by His people.  When we enter into a life path with a community having an orphan mindset it is extremely difficult to being fathered.   That also interferes in our ability to being a part of a community that is Fathered by God and His people.  

What are the signs of an unfathered community?   No admonishment.  Admonishment is to warn or reprimand someone firmly.   By New Oxford.   How do you admonish one another in a Community where Jesus is our Father?   There are more but that’s an easy one in our culture.

1. Let Jesus reprimand you.  Ask him to do it.  He will answer that request.  Why would you ask him to?  You want to be close to him so he will tell you the things in the way of righteousness and holiness so you can be close to Him to understand his heart and love for you and his people more and more.  Increases in love and blessings come!

2. Let his people do the same as they follow Jesus they will do what Jesus does.  They won’t Father perfectly.  They are growing in holiness too.  

3. Stay.  It’s a process.  It’s painful and you and they both must enter into a community of family.  Families have long suffering for one another.  We now call it patience but long suffering is more accurate to the experience.   As we are patient with each other and with God we all change into the vision of His son.   Remember it’s a process and it’s painful at times.

4. Be called into a community until God tells you to leave.   There’s a process of forcing people to leave in Matthew 18.  No other is allowed for.

If we say yes to this we say yes to becoming more formed into the image of His son!  We will look and experience more like Jesus.

We are offering a spiritual community like this to all that want to learn to be Fathered by God Himself.

Until another time,
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