Chosen or Presumption?

Here’s a question…….    Where do we get the idea that we get to choose what church we go to?   Didn’t Jesus recruit his disciples?  Why do we think it works for people to just show up at any church they choose and expect it to work out?   If we could see all the baggage that we bring into a church would be a little more hesitant?  Would the church be a place where we belonged because we were recruited and chosen by someone?

Seems like people in the church need to do a lot more recruiting and less time spent on entertaining the masses.   With the story of the feeding the five thousand they were sent away after they got their fill.  Sent away by Jesus.  He had no intention of continuing to lead them.  He didn’t pick them.  He had compassion on them, fed them, taught them, and sent them on their way.

So the American church has decided that Jesus had a bad strategy.  We want to invite everyone into our community no matter their agenda.  No matter their loyalty.  No matter that the leader hasn’t picked them.  

We have decided that all can come in.  We get to choose.  We don’t need to be picked, we pick ourselves.  And why?

Isn’t it obvious?  We are amazing.  Probably even more amazing than the early disciples.

Wouldn’t you rather be chosen instead of forcing yourself on the community? Wouldn’t the bonds of love and sacrifice be stronger?  I have no concern that God through his Holy Spirit will pick you.  In His timing.  Will we wait on Him?  Or will we go the way of the American church of these last 30 years?

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