Kingdom Conference
New Foundations in the Kingdom

Join us in Kansas City for a conference on Building a Foundation in your life of the Kingdom of Heaven.
13622 w 62nd street, Shawnee, Kansas, 66216
Behind the Hy-Vee at Shawnee Mission Parkway and Pflumn

23rd 6-9pm  /  24th.  10am- 8pm. /. 25th. 10am - 8pm

Previous Conferences 

The Kingdom Conference is a conference based in the Kansas City area for the purpose of increasing faith and Kingdom living.  The Kingdom of God is a powerful and true Kingdom that Jesus established for us to live in.  

Current and Former Speakers

We have friendships with all of our speakers and teachers.  To live in the Kingdom is to live in a family of God.  This is the Kingdom Conference family under the larger body of Christ.

Darwin rausch

Apostolic Teacher
Darwin is an Apostolic teacher and
God has used him to bring in the miraculous to the church.

John Enderby

Pastor to Pastors
You will never find a more gentle servant hearted pastor and teacher.  Wisdom and Insight follow him.

Patrick bryson

Prophetic Encourager
The message of hope and encouragement just exude out of Pat.  His laughter is contagious but so is what God tells him for those he gives hope to.

Will Riddle

Leader to Leaders
Will never stops looking for your betterment.  He is a large reason why the Kingdom Conference exists today.  The idea started among friends.