Love KC Faith show with Drew and Brian

Join Drew and Brian every Sunday Morning on ESPN radio and 94.5fm.   We talk about everything we can to encourage your faith and prove to you that we have already won the victory through our Faith in Jesus.

Meet the hosts.

Emma Hawthorne

Co-Host & Marketing Director
I enjoy hearing people stories.  I am inspired by them!

Drew smith

Executive Director & Host
A Kansas City Native and the host of Love KC Faith radio.  "The discouragement is thick for faith and it doesn't need to be.  We just need to be reminded of the victory that has been won already in Jesus.  We have great hope!"

Brian Boeger

Co-Host and producer
"I just want to give back and serve the city and the wonderful people in it!  This show is one of the many ways I get to do that."
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Donate to Love KC Faith Show

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